A Guide To Disabled Parking In Iowa

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There’s a lot to know about disabled parking in Iowa. You may be wondering how to get a disabled parking permit in Iowa, what makes you eligible, and how to use it to make the world a little easier to navigate. Well, we have all your answers here. So sit back, relax, and learn all you need to know about disabled parking in the Hawkeye State.

Who is Eligible?

In the state of Iowa, you must have a licensed medical professional detail in writing the disabilities from which you suffer. You must meet one or more of these guidelines in order to obtain a disabled parking permit in Iowa:

  • You cannot walk more than 200 feet without stopping to rest
  • You have a heart condition that meets the criteria of a Class III or Class IV condition under the American Heart Association standards
  • You cannot walk with assistance from a device such as a wheelchair, crutch, brace, or prosthetic
  • You are limited in your ability to walk due to an orthopedic, arthritic, or neurological condition
  • You use portable oxygen
  • You have a lung disease that restricts the volume of air your lungs can take in, which is less than one liter per second when measured with spirometry

If you have one of these conditions, then talk with your medical provider.

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How to Get a Disabled Parking Permit in Iowa

Obtaining the proper paperwork for an Iowa disabled parking permit is not a complicated process, since there are a few options to choose from. You can go to your local county treasurer’s office to obtain a form called an Application for Persons with Disabilities Parking Permit for Iowa Residents; or, if you’d rather obtain a form online, you can also go to Iowa’s Department of Transportation driver’s license website. You can also go to the Office of Vehicle Services to get a copy of the form.

This application must contain a signed statement from your treating physician, physician’s assistant, nurse practitioner, or chiropractor on their official letterhead that states you are someone with a disability and meet the requirements for a disabled parking permit in Iowa. They must also state whether or not your disability is permanent or temporary.

Once the form is complete, you can submit them in person to your local Iowa DOT office, or mail them to the Office of Vehicle Services.

Options for Disabled Parking in Iowa

A windshield placard, sticker, or license plate are available to allow you to park in disabled parking in Iowa. Each has a different expiration:

  • Windshield placard – A permanent disabled windshield placard does not expire, but a temporary placard is only good for six months unless specified otherwise by a medical professional.
  • License plates – These are valid for one year and only need to be renewed by the expiration date of the plates.
  • Sticker – These are valid as long as the registration on the vehicle is current.

In Iowa, no additional fee is charged for disability plates, placards, or stickers.

How to Use Your Iowa Disabled Parking Permit

If you opt to get a disabled parking sticker or placard, then you must make sure it is displayed in a way where it can be clearly seen through your front windshield.

Once you’re set up with a disabled parking permit in Iowa, you are free to park anywhere that you see the International Symbol of Access sign. In some states, your disabled parking permit allows you to park in areas that are restricted, but in Iowa that is not allowed. You cannot park in loading zones or in places marked with “no parking anytime” signs.

It’s also important to note that you should never loan your disability placard to someone else. You must be traveling in the car it’s being used for, whether that’s your own or someone else’s. If you’re not and you are caught abusing the placard, then you can have it taken away.

Disabled Parking in Iowa for Visitors

If you plan to visit Iowa and have a disabled parking permit, there’s no need to get a special permit for your visit. Iowa recognizes disabled parking permits from other states. As long as your placard, sticker, or plate is clearly displayed, then you should be good to park in accessible parking.

The Hawkeye State is a friendly place for those with disabilities to navigate. If you have any questions about how to get all the paperwork you need for an Iowa handicap parking permit, then contact Dr. Handicap and let us help!