Disabled Parking In Kansas: The Full Story

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Disabled people in Kansas can avail of several types of disabled parking placards, badges, and plates, allowing them many rights that can make their lives a lot easier. Getting a Kansas disabled parking badge is not difficult, and is well worth doing. Here is the full story of disabled parking in Kansas.

The first thing a person will need to do is to download a copy of the Certification of Disability for Disabled Parking Placard and/or Plate application form. This form will need to be completed by the applicant and a “healing arts licensed professional.” In the state of Kansas, professionals that are able to fill in the application form include doctors of medicine, osteopathy, chiropractic, or podiatry; licensed optometrists and physician assistants; advanced registered nurse practitioners; or Christian Science practitioners listed in the Christian Science Journal.

The medical professional will need to examine the applicant and verify that they have one of the following disabilities:

  • Cannot walk 100 feet without needing to stop to take a rest;
  • Cannot walk without the assistance of a device such as brace, cane, crutch, wheelchair, prosthetic device, or another person;
  • Has a severe visual impairment;
  • Is restricted by a lung disease to such an extent that their forced (respiratory) expiratory volume for one second, when measured by spirometry, is less than one liter, or the arterial oxygen tension is less than 60mm/hg on room air at rest;
  • Needs to use a portable oxygen tank;
  • Has a cardiovascular condition classified as Class III or Class IV by the American Heart Association;
  • Severely limited in their ability to walk at least 100 feet due to a neurological, arthritic, or orthopedic condition.

The medical professional will need to stipulate whether the applicant is permanently disabled or temporarily disabled. A permanently disabled person may acquire two placards, one plate and one placard, or one wheelchair emblem decal and one placard. A temporarily disabled person may acquire one or two placards. A permanent or temporary placard must be suspended from the rearview mirror of a vehicle when disabled parking privileges are being utilized. Placards can be moved between vehicles.

Once the medical professional and the applicant have completed the relevant sections of the application form, it will need to be submitted to the Kansas Department of Revenue (DOR). This can be done in person or by mail at a local Kansas DOR office.

The application will need to include any relevant payment. Permanent and temporary placards are free. Disabled plates cost $0.50.

Disabled veterans can apply for a Disabled Veterans License Plate by filling in an Application for Disabled Veterans License Plate form. This form needs to be filled in by a representative of the Veterans Administration, verifying that the applicant has disabilities that are at least 50% due to military service-related injuries, and then submitted to the local County Treasurer’s Office.

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Disabled parking placards or plates in Kansas allow their holder to park in any handicap parking spaces in the state, as well as at metered spaces for up to 24 hours, and all city, county, and state metered spaces for free. They do not allow their holder to necessarily park in private parking lot spaces, as this is left up to the discretion of the parking lot owners.

Visitors to Kansas from other states do not need to get a temporary disabled placard to use during their time in Kansas. Disabled parking placards and plates from all other states are recognized, entitling their holders to the same rights of disabled parking in Kansas as the state’s residents enjoy.

Temporary placards in Kansas need to be renewed when they expire after six months. To do this, the applicant must fill in a new form and have it completed again by a relevant professional. Permanent plate or placard holders will need to get their plates and placards renewed when they renew their vehicle registration by completing a Self Certification of Continued Eligibility for Disabled Parking Privilege form and submitting it in person or by mail to their local Kansas DOR office.

To replace a stolen, lost, or damaged placard or plate for disabled parking in Kansas, a person must fill in a Certification of Disability for Disabled Parking Placard and/or Plate form and submit it in person or by mail to their local Kansas DOR office. Replacement placards are free, and there is no need for further medical professional verification.