7 Daily Habits That Will Increase Mobility

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26 Feb

7 Daily Habits That Will Increase Mobility

Desk jobs, lack of exercise, bad quality furniture, lifelong slouching habits, smartphone-induced bad posture – all of these modern habits reduce mobility. So in order to save yourself from pain and bad health, and perhaps even at some point jettison your handicap parking permit, it is wise to do some daily work to increase mobility. Here are seven daily habits that will help you do just that!

Posted by: Stephen Gilsenan 26 February 2018

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21 Feb

6 Surprising Conditions That are Eligible for a Disabled Parking Permit

While a disabled parking permit can offer a lifeline to many people with disabilities, people often assume that they are only granted to people who are in wheelchairs. However, the truth is that, depending on the state that you live in, there are many conditions that may qualify you for a handicap parking space.

Posted by: Claire Bradshaw 21 February 2018

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16 Feb

How Obesity Can Affect Your Mobility

Due to a proliferation in processed food and people spending more and more time at home on electrical devices and less time exercising, more people are at an unhealthy weight as opposed to a healthy one. While people are considerate of the effect that this can have on the heart or other organs, the effects of obesity on mobility are shocking.

Posted by: Claire Bradshaw 16 February 2018

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11 Feb

How to Get a Disabled Parking Permit Online

If you’re one of the 56.7 million people in the United States currently living with a disability, you are more than aware of all the challenges that you face each and every day. Even just traveling to and from work or running errands can feel like giant hurdles to overcome. But there is one way you can simplify the challenge of getting around: by getting a disabled parking permit online.

Posted by: Claire Bradshaw 11 February 2018

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6 Feb

Eat Your Way To A Fitter Body: 6 Nutrition Tips

Whether you are a young, sprightly, active fitness-fanatic, or an elderly, disabled, handicap parking permit user – you can always make improvements to your diet and eat your way to better health. Here are six nutrition tips that will lead you to a fitter body.

Posted by: Claire Bradshaw 6 February 2018